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From our humble community beginnings, where coal miners and steelworkers envisioned a better life for their sons and daughters through education, to our warm, welcoming community that thrives through innovation, Cape Breton University is an economic, cultural and social hub on Cape Breton Island.

At CBU, we provide the necessary resources to create an environment that enables employees to flourish. Innovative research, exemplary teaching, collaborative community partnerships and supporting students in realizing their potential are just some of the ways we show the best of what this university, this island and this country have to offer.

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An Island of Adventure: Meet Maria Jose Paravicini

August 14, 2023

Originally from La Paz, Bolivia, Maria Jose Paravicini came to Cape Breton University in May of 2022 to pursue a…

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From Buenos Aires to Cape Breton: Agustin’s Transformative Experience at CBU

July 27, 2023

Agustin Saint Bonnet’s journey to Cape Breton University (CBU) was not just a pursuit of academic excellence. A passionate and…

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Engineering a Vibrant Future: Ayat Hussein’s Journey to CBU

July 25, 2023

With exciting growth opportunities on the horizon at Cape Breton University (CBU), Facilities Management is excited to welcome a new…

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CBU Alumni Gives Back in Honour of his Parents and Brother

June 14, 2023

In September 1993, Dina Epale boarded a plane from Cameroon, Africa to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia to start his degree…

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Lifelong Learning – A Spark That Became a Flame

June 13, 2023

When Amna Khaliq first moved to Calgary from Pakistan at a young age, she would walk to Tim Hortons at…

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Influencing Before the Trend: Meet Lesley Carter

June 13, 2023

A Bucket List You Don’t Want To Miss When Sydney Mines’ Lesley Carter graduated from CBU with a Bachelor of…

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CBU Alumni Standing on Both Sides of the Camera

June 13, 2023

For Ziyin Zheng, pursuing a career in the film industry can be connected back to their time at Cape Breton…

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Dr. Lynn LeVatte: Promoting Inclusion and Accessibility at CBU and Beyond

June 1, 2023

  May 28-June 3, 2023 is National Access Ability Week in Canada and we’d like to highlight a dedicated CBU…

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Uniting Cape Breton’s Youth: Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run Returns to CBU

May 26, 2023

In 2005, alongside the inception of the Cape Breton Fiddlers Marathon, the Doctors Nova Scotia Youth Run emerged as a…

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