CBU and CBUFA Jointly Agree to Conciliation

Cape Breton University (CBU) and the Cape Breton University Faculty Association (CBUFA), the union representing faculty, librarians, lab instructors, writing centre advisors, archivists, research chairs and nursing practice educators, have jointly agreed to request the appointment of a conciliation officer in their efforts to negotiate a new collective agreement. This request, which is a normal step in the bargaining process, occurred following meetings of the bargaining committees this week.

CBU’s proposals in this round of bargaining reflect the commitments made by the University in its Strategic Plan, strategic enrolment investments and commitment to ensure the University and Cape Breton Island continue to thrive.

During recent meetings, the bargaining committees agreed on a number of items; however, several important items remain outstanding at this time, including salaries and the manner in which the University can address the human resource needs of high-risk programs heavily reliant upon continuing international student enrolment. Improving the student experience and continuing to stabilize these programs in a responsible manner that does not mortgage the future of CBU is a key issue, not only for CBU and its students, both current and future, but also for the entirety of Cape Breton Island, which continues to benefit from the presence of approximately 4,000 international students studying at CBU.

CBU is trying to wisely manage the risks and substantial advantages of growth. This will ensure a bright future for the University and provide support for the socioeconomic future of Cape Breton Island. As it endeavours to do so, CBU is committed to working with CBUFA to achieve a negotiated collective agreement that respects the important role CBUFA members play in the educational experiences of CBU students.

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